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about-carsonsDelivering true quality and American made craftsmanship for more than 70 years, Carson’s has maintained a firm grip as the industry’s most trusted leader in innovative furniture design and engineering. Our talented and dedicated craftsmen produce over 850-1000 pieces of furniture per week in our facilities scaling 250,000 square feet which are located in the heart of the NC furniture belt! Our successful partnerships in creating both unique custom furniture as well as value-driven solutions in the Hospitality and Senior Living sectors have made us a valuable resource in building exceptionally functional, beautiful pieces.

Carson’s Senior Living collection is specifically made to meet the demands of facilitated long term care. Seat heights, seat depths, and arm heights are created to meet the needs of seniors, and optional features such as moisture barriers and removable seat decks allow for easy management of accidents. Firm, yet comfortable, foam densities are designed for ease of ingress and egress, and our wood finishes are highly durable for strong protection, yet are easily field repairable. Carson’s always prides itself in using heavy-duty materials and strong frame construction to provide customers with peace of mind that their furniture will last long term.

Our ability to accommodate flexible, short runs and large-scale installations, our unwavering reputation and commitment to providing extraordinary service, our competitive pricing, and our quality pieces that stand the test of time are just a small part of what makes Carson’s the industry leader in custom furniture design.

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